entiffic AIR portable box

Reliable in any deployment
under any condition. 

 Entiffic AIR portable box is a mobile self-powered compact heater which is self-sustaining with electric power. The heater keeps cabins warm and even charges the build in battery, offering the user full autonomy. 

 Entiffic AIR portable box is ideal for the longer off grid deployments –focusing on minimal upkeep from the user. The built-in 10 l fueltank offers up to 50 hours of continuous runtime before refuelling isneeded.

Entiffic AIR portable box is built in to a sturdy light weight aluminium case, designed to provide heat during even the harshest conditions. 

The unit is supplied with a thermostat which can be extracted to measure temperatures within tents, cabins, and similar enclosures.

The ENTIFFIC portable box offers a unique flexibility for users in off-grid environments.
With 50 hours of uninterrupted wireless operating time, the device provides great flexibility for both every day and critical situations.
Turn it on and direct the air flow where you need it – it’s that simple. Put on a Ø 60 flexible hose to direct the air flow into confined areas e.g. tents, cabins and or even mobile units.

Entiffic Air Portable is an excellent heat source that can be used without the need for a mains power supply.
Tents, cabins, vehicles, trailers and other areas that need warm air for a period of time can benefit from the units’ flexibility. Route the exhaust hose out into the environment. The device can then keep the desired area warm. It is also possible to regulate the room temperature with the built-in thermostat.

The Entiffic Air Portable is a robust and strong tool that is very useful to have in any rescue vehicle. When transporting life or equipment, which needs essential heat during transport the ENTIFFIC Air portable box will support while in transit.