entiffic AIR

 Entiffic AIR is one of the worlds first selfpowered vehicle heaters in its size. The heater is both self-sustained with electric power and charges the connected battery, only minutes after startup. Entiffic AIR keeps cabins warm while providing energy to extend battery power.

 Just a few minutes after startup, Entiffic AIR starts to recharge the connected battery, and after approx. 15-20 min of runtime, depending on the ambient temperature, the battery has been

fully compensated with the energy consumed during startup. Any additional runtime result in a net charge of the battery. The heater stops charging once battery is fully charged, provided that no other battery parasitics are connected.

Entiffic AIR is particularly suited for installation in vehicles operating in demanding climate conditions, where users need heat and uncom-promised vehicle batteries. Entiffic AIR supports both longer missions and longer silent deployments as vehicle batteries are no longer drained from running the heater. Additional collateral benefits as lower thermal image, due to reduced engine idle time and lower fuel consumption are also to be considered.

Entiffic AIR ensures heat as long as fuel is available, aiding in any emergency situation like natural disasters, power outs etc. The surplus power from entiffic AIR can support vital means of communications, lights or similar crucial tools for the user.

OFF GRID Missions:
Entiffic AIR is even ideal in a portable solution. Installed in a small portable case, with a battery and a fuel tank, the user has a 2 kW heatsource and an electrical power generator to support on deployments where flexibility and low weight are key factors. A solution with fuel for 20 hours of continuous heat weighs approx. 15 kg.